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New Facebook page

We are intending to make better use of social media to communicate with members and friends. As a start Thor and Rachael have been setting up a new Facebook page for the Association. Please click here

Proposed visit to Rinteln 2017

To celebrate to 25th anniversary, we are considering a group visit over the Altstadtfest weekend which is 11th -13th August 2017. We would like as many members as possible to go. If you are interested, can you please let us know as soon as possible so that we can start making arrangements. Email the following details to (or phone 01539 730477):

  • - Name(s)
  • - Preferred transport (Fly/Coach & Ferry/make own arrangements)
  • - Preferred Accommodation (Hosted/Hotel/make own arrangements)

    Review of 2016

    2016 has been another busy and successful year for the Association although a very difficult year for Kendal. Well done to all those people who have helped to get those worst affected by the floods back on their feet.

    The year started with a visit from Rinteln by Roswitha Hoekstra (deputy chair of their twinning association) who accompanied students from Hamlin College as part of the excellent links with Kendal College.

    In February we received information about the Rinteln Summer School, but unfortunately, the dates were unsuitable this year as they coincided with A/AS examinations, so no Kendal students were able to attend.

    The college links continued in April with the arrival in Kendal of three students from Rinteln, accompanied by Ursula Muecke (treasurer of Rinteln twinning association). The two hairdressing students and one business administration student were here for three weeks in an arrangement with Kendal College.

    In May Mike Middleton and Roswitha arrived to attend Mayor Making, where Roswitha delivered the Mayor of Rinteln, Thomas Priemer’s address in faultless English. WOSP’s links with the Lebenshilfe have gone from strength to strength. In June a there was a visit by a large group from the Lebenshilfe to Kendal, while in September a sizeable WOSP party visited Rinteln for the Lebenshilfe’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and once again a small contingent travelled to Rinteln for the Christmas Market to run a stall.

    In October there was joint concert with the K Shoes Choir and the Rinteln Gospel Choir which took place in St Thomas’ church.

    At the invitation of Mayor Thomas Priemer, Kendal’s Mayor Stephen Coleman, ex-Mayor Chris Hogg and Deputy Mayor Andy Blackman visited Rinteln for the Christmas market at the end of November.

    Rinteln Gospel Choir

    On Saturday 1st October the Rinteln Gospelchor set off at five a.m. and arrived in Kendal to perform a joint concert at St Thomas’s Church with K Shoes Male Voice Choir that evening at St Thomas’s Church. All the members of the 40 strong mixed choir were certainly tired from their long journey. However, undaunted and full of enthusiasm the Gospelchor gave a wonderful and spirited performance. GospelChoir

    The K–Shoes Male Voice Choir sang first followed by the Rinteln Gospelchor. The blend of the two choirs worked perfectly. The deep and resonant tones of the men contrasted wonderfully with exuberant joy of the Gospelchor. The venue at St Thomas’s was a perfect setting for the event.

    The audience was very appreciative. The Gospechor, whose joint directors of music are Sven and Kyra Rundfeldt, is based at the Johannis Evangelical Lutheran Church in Rinteln. The choir performs regularly at church services and marriages and can be heard singing in the Rinteln town square on special occasions. On Sunday 2nd October the Gospelchor participated at the religious service at the United Reformed Church. After the service the choir went on a walking tour of Kendal. At the Parish Church the Gospelchor gave an impromptu performance of gospel hymns, to the joy of the Vicar and people present in the church.

    The Gospelchor’s visit was short, with a return journey to Rinteln on the Monday morning. Nevertheless every member of the choir had a wonderful time and felt that their music had been appreciated. But most of all they were impressed by the sunny weather we have in Kendal! Yes the sun did shine for that weekend.

    Ron Wood

    Christmas Market 2014

    In December Kendal put on its first German style Christmas Market, and KRA was there. Jane Reekie and Frances Corrie tell the story.

    KRA Cabin

    The team began arriving in the market place early on the Saturday morning to decorate our wooden chalet with Christmas trimmings and strings of fairy lights to fit the theme. A new KRA banner was produced at very short notice to provide our stall with a recognisable brand. Trestle tables were set up and the hotplate and cooking pans were put into place. As the main item for sale was “luxury” hot chocolate Jane quickly got the cooker going with pans of steaming hot -chocolate ready to sell and Diane arrived with the Stollen and German biscuits. We were all ready for action in time for the 10 o’clock opening!

    The hot chocolate was served in our own mugs specially designed for the event, by Jane’s daughter Imogen, who also used her skills as a designer to put some very professional touches to the decorations. As 10 o’clock approached everything looked very festive. A wonderful young boy who had travelled down from Scotland set up his music stand by the chalet and started playing carols on his trumpet. Although artificial snow had been ordered, it was a very magical moment indeed when it started to snow for real! We really could have been at a German Christmas market – all very picturesque.

    KRA Mugs

    Although the weather was very cold we were very busy on the Saturday – Jane was kept fully occupied making pans of hot chocolate from her secret recipe, and even the Town Crier came back for “seconds”! Our children’s Lucky Dip managed to sell out by the afternoon and we had to find more items and hastily wrap them for sale. However on the Sunday things were much quieter. There was a steady demand for hot chocolate but it rained and instead of crowds of people attending the event I think most people preferred to stay at home in front of their fires.

    Here I must thank all the KRA members who came along and supported this event by standing in the freezing cold weather together with committee members to raise the profile of town-twinning. In spite of the costs for chalet hire, and buying the consumables, the Association managed to turn in a small profit, and together with raising the public’s awareness of the KRA, it was generally agreed that the event had been very successful.

    2014 Annual General Meeting

    The AGM took place on 23 October 2104 at the Town Hall.

    Rachel Little spoke about the Amabile trip to Germany which included a concert in Rinteln, in August, and members of WOSP told of their latest twinning vist, now an annual event. Reports were given about the other activity during the year:

  • - three students attended Rinteln Summer Uni
  • - Catering students from Rinteln & Hamelin came to Kendal College
  • - A confirmation group from Rinteln, accompanied by Pastor Heiko Buitkamp came in April to the United Reformed Church
  • - In May by a group of 40 "farmers' wives" (Der Landfrauenverein Rinteln-Hessisch Oldendorf) came for a short visit in May

    There is interest in Rinteln for playing bowls and darts, and it is hoped that groups will be coming to Kendal in the near future to take us on.

    Philip Ball stood down as Chairman, and the position was filled by Diane Innes. Rachel Hogg was elected Vice Chair, with Stuart Bell, Frances Corrie, Pat Towers and Peter Corrie continuing as Treasurer, Publicity officer, Archive officer and Membership officer respectively.

    Events for 2014 kicked off with a German Wine Tasting Evening at the Town Hall on February 27th. This was a tremendous success with all 90 tickets sold. The Wine Master for the evening was John Hodgson, who started the proceedings by getting everyone to taste the skin, and flesh of a grape, to provide an understanding of how wines get their differing tastes.

    Five different wines were tasted during the evening, starting with a sparkling Sekt, followed by a Pinot Noir. An excellent cold platter of German foods, prepared by Jane Reekie, was served and accompanied by a Hock. The fourth wine was a Riesling and finally a desert wine accompanied by apple strudel.

    We are grateful to John Hodgson for providing his expertise, as well as Jane for the food.

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    AGM 2013

    The Annual General Meeting, held on 24th October, was attended by around 50 people. Presentations were given by WOSP, and the three Queen Katherine students who attended the Summer University. The Mayor, Sylvia Emmott, together with the Dixons, then spoke about the recent visit by themselves and members of South Lakeland District Council, during which they were shown a water purification plant, a biomass energy plant and other civic enterprises. It is hoped that this visit will provide inspiration for future beneficial projects in Kendal and South Lakeland.

    Philip Ball was re-elected as Chair for the coming year, Dianne Innes as Vice-Chair, and Stuart Bell as Treasurer. The position of Secretary is vacant. Anyone who can help in this respect, please get in touch.

    After last year’s big events, we are currently planning for the next two years. Ideas in the pipeline include a World War 1 History project by Queen Katherine school in conjunction with Rinteln Museum, a visit to Rinteln by a Kendal choir. There is also a strong possibility that there will be music related exchanges between the Ernestinum school in Rinteln and Queen Katherine School within the next couple of years.

    Kendal College is linking up with similar colleges in Rinteln and Hamlin and there will be exchanges of students from early next year.

    There is repeat invitation for three Kendal students to attend the Summer University week in Rinteln, whilst semi-official visits by the respective Mayors are expected to take place this year.

    Meanwhile we are looking to the future, and particularly would like to increase exchanges between clubs, associations, sports clubs, etc with equivalent orginisations in Rinteln. If you are a member of such an organisation, and are interested in twinning links, please let us know and we will obtain the relevant contacts for you.

    Annual General Meeting 2012 At the Annual General Meeting on 13th November, Philip Ball was elected as Chair for the next twelve months, following the retirement of Richard Pealing after three years in the post.

    Richard spoke about the events of the past year, which was mostly about the 20th anniversary celebrations, and also reflected on the events that have taken place over those 20 years. He referred to the archive material which fills a number of files, which reminds us all of what has taken place, and shows how the twinning has developed and grown since 1992.

    20th Anniversary Celebrations in Rinteln A weekend of celebrations took place in Rinteln over the weekend of 10-12 August to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the twinning between Rinteln and Kendal, and also between Riteln and Slawno.

    Polish Cyclists Arrive This coincided with the annual Altstadtfest, an open air music festival in the town. The festivities began on Friday evening as a party of Polish cyclists who had ridden 700 kilometres from Slawno, accompanied by Ursula and Gunter Mücke from the German border, arrived just in time for the official opening of the Altstadtfest.

    Opening of the Altstadtfest

    The official opening was performed by Bürgermeister Karl-Heinz Buchholz, with speeches also given by Mayor of Kendal John Willshaw and Mayor of Slawno Krzysztof Frankenstein. Mayor Willshaw had been well coached and gave his speech in faultless German!

    For more information and pictures on the weekend, see the   20th Anniversary Celebrations  page and the photographs on the  Facebook Album .